Rousselot launches MSC-certified marine collagen peptides

Published: 26-Jan-2021

This solution can help beauty and nutrition brands differentiate and expand their portfolio with sustainably-sourced, premium nutricosmetics and dietary supplements

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Rousselot, a Darling Ingredients brand and the global leader of collagen-based solutions, introduces Peptan Marine collagen peptides.

Sourced from 100% wild-caught marine white fish and certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), this solution can help beauty and nutrition brands differentiate and expand their portfolio with sustainably-sourced, premium nutricosmetics and dietary supplements.

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Produced in the state-of-the-art Rousselot facilities in France, Peptan Marine can help manufacturers deliver high-quality, safe, sustainable and fully traceable marine collagen solutions that integrate with today’s conscientious consumers’ purchasing preferences.

The launch comes as a rising number of consumers are looking for fish collagen beauty and dietary supplement products, with 84% of people showing a clear preference for fish collagen and 51% willing to pay a premium price for these solutions.

While the aquaculture fish collagen segment remains strong, sustainably sourced marine solutions are also gaining in popularity. New product launches with collagen sourced from wild-caught ocean fish have, for example, risen by 70% between 2018 and 2019.

This evolving demand for marine collagen is driven by its ‘premium’ appeal, as well as the rapidly growing trend for more sustainable lifestyles.

People with specific dietary requirements, like pescatarians or those that don’t eat certain types of meat for religious reasons, are also accelerating growth in this space.

Achieving stand-out appeal with Peptan Marine

With Peptan Marine, producers can meet all these consumer needs and preferences. With the trusted MSC blue tick ecolabel, this solution addresses the emerging consumer interest in and preference for sustainable and fully traceable fishing practices that safeguard the health and biodiversity of the world’s oceans.

And these newly launched, non-GMO collagen peptides are also compliant with EU and US regulations regarding antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, heavy metals and toxins, and hold IFS and HACCP production certifications.

“Balancing the use of farm-raised and fully traceable wild-caught fish collagen can help ensure the sustainability of our oceans and allow brands to tap into the growing aquaculture and marine collagen markets,” highlights Dr. Sara De Pelsmaeker, Global Business Development, Rousselot Health & Nutrition.

“We are proud to introduce MSC-certified ocean white fish collagen peptides, which complement our well-known farm-raised fish collagen range, supporting our customers in meeting evolving consumer and market requirements in the competitive nutricosmetic and dietary supplements segments. By leveraging our world-class expertise, renowned brand and end-to-end support, brands can sustainably upgrade their offering and bring industry-leading products with the highest environmental, ethical and quality standards to market quickly.”

Joining forces to reach further together

Peptan is the world’s leading collagen peptides brand and its popularity is rapidly growing across the globe among beauty seekers, healthy agers, and sports enthusiasts and professionals.

With the Peptan co-branding program and Rousselot’s broad range of scientific, application and regulatory expert services, manufacturers can kickstart their product and increase brand visibility, ultimately building consumer trust and loyalty.

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