Optimised availability of study participants

Published: 1-Jun-2017

The institute proDERM opens a new location

The contract research institute proDERM has increased its ability to recruit participants for cosmetic studies by opening a new location in the Hamburg Northwest. In April 2017 the official opening of the branch in the centre of the city of Elmshorn took place.

In addition to the central reception area, the new premises include several rooms for the admission, information and examination of subjects. "The new location will enable us to expand our recruitment competence and increase our flexibility in conducting the studies," says Prof. K.-P. Wilhelm, founder and medical director of proDERM.

The new location should operate as autonomously as possible. It is therefore planned to build a site-specific database of subjects and patients. "The fact that the branch office is located directly in the pedestrian zone is certainly a great advantage", says Dr. Arne Böhling, Head of Unit Elmshorn.

Furthermore, the location is geared towards the implementation of very specific types of study. The primary focus is on projects without instrumental measurements. In particular, sniff studies, application studies, and compatibility studies are conducted.

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