Operating at the forefront of sustainable innovation: The dissolvable packaging solution  

Published: 18-Mar-2022

twelveNYC is excited to offer the latest development in sustainable packaging, the dissolvable bag as a sustainable solution which aims to eliminate plastic from their client’s packaging and supply chain

Founded in 2005, twelveNYC is a global product development agency that specialises in telling stories through custom merchandise for the world’s best-known brands.

From ideation to design to manufacturing and delivery, they create private label products, curated gifts-with-purchase, innovative packaging vehicles, digital experiences, and thoughtful promotional merchandise and more.

With offices in Brooklyn, London, Hong Kong, and Paris, twelveNYC’s business is rooted in sustainability – leading the charge in driving innovative solutions at every angle of the development process.

These biodegradable, non-toxic and compostable bags dissolve in hot water in seconds before your eyes, reducing the dependence on single-use plastic packaging.

The bags are made of a water-soluble and biodegradable combination of Polyvinyl Alcohol (known as PVA), starch, glycerine and water.

Not only are they environmentally safe, compliant, and leave no micro-plastics behind, they can be branded and customised as well.

Click here for more information on material contents, compliance, directions of use and more.

twelveNYC are on hand to provide solutions to fast-track your brand towards a zero-waste strategy. Interested to learn more? Reach out: sustainability@twelveNYC.com

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