Nutricosmetics 2030 releases a new event series: Sustainable Beauty Inside Out!

Published: 29-Nov-2023

Nutricosmetics 2030, the digital resource platform for beauty supplement innovators, just released four new conversations featuring top brand leaders, regulatory and brand experts, manufacturers, material and packaging experts

Sustainability will be a new standard!« believes Ute Wollenweber, CEO and Founder at Care-and-Science and one of the experts featured in the new video-podcast series.

And she's not alone in her thinking. This was also confirmed by the manufacturers, other regulatory experts, and the brands themselves.

The newly released Nutricosmetics 2030 Sustainable Beauty Inside Out event series (each running 45 minutes) is packed full of insights and information to help beauty makers make more sustainable decisions in this exciting category.

The Sustainable Beauty Inside Out series covers key topics of importance: rules and regulations, functional beauty life-cycle approach, the supply side of the story, and a conversation with a plastic expert. The series comprises the following four video-podcast episodes, which can be found online at Nutricosmetics 2030: Sustainable Beauty Inside Out.

Rules and Regulations: a look at sustainability and efficacy claims for edible beauty

This episode features the following experts:

  • Jennifer Carlsson, founder and beauty brand expert at Mintoiro, a company that specialises in competitive market research and strategy consulting for beauty brands. With a background in brand strategy and graphic design, Jennifer has a keen eye for aesthetics, trends, and innovation in the cosmetics industry.
  • Ute Wollenweber, CEO and Founder at Care-and-Science. She has extensive experience in personal care, from marketing to project leading, consulting, and R&D and Innovation management. Ute established her consulting company in 2021 and has been helping brands navigate the regulatory world ever since.
  • Mojgan Moddaresi, Director at Personal Care Regulatory Ltd, is a passionate regulatory and safety specialist for cosmetic products. She is ambitious in supporting small & medium-sized brands to expand their market and ensure their products are safe.

This episode looks at:

  • Nutricosmetics Trend Report for 2024, with a focus on sustainability
  • Greenwashing in the beauty industry
  • Beauty claims
  • Nutricosmetics: regulatory definition, claims guideline, and penalties for improper use of beauty claims
  • Sustainability and New Product Development
  • Sustainability and Marketing
  • Sustainability and Saftey

Functional Beauty: a life-cycle approach to eco and ethical nutricosmetics

This episode featured features the following experts:

  • Toni Carroll, CEO at My Beauty Luv, an innovative nutricosmetic brand born out of a need for a professional-grade beauty supplement that targets the most sought-after areas of wellness: Anti-aging, longevity and vitality. The brand has won 4 international awards for excellence in the marketplace, including the recent award: Most Innovative Beauty Supplement Brand 2021 – South Africa.
  • Firdevs Dursun, Marketing Manager at Florêve Paris, a French nutricosmetics brand, promoting beauty from within. Firdevs is an idealist professional with excellent presentation and communication skills combined with 6 foreign languages, is always open for teamwork, and can go the extra mile to be the leader.

This episode looks at:

  • Defining sustainability and sustainable brands
  • The journey to sustainability
  • Sustainability from a business stand-point
  • Does sustainability help or hurt the business?
  • Sustainability and consumers' buying decisions
  • Sustainability as a value proposition

Supply-Side Supplements: an exploration of production, packaging, and labeling solutions

This episode featured features the following experts:

  • Primož Artač, CEO and Founder at TOSLA Nutricosmetics, a B2B manufacturer of high-performing nutricosmetics. As the CEO of Tosla Nutricosmetics, a global innovator based in Slovenia, his role extends beyond traditional leadership. TOSLA specializes in developing beauty supplements that go beyond skin-deep beauty, offering products that also target hair and nail health. As a spokesperson for the company, Primož relishes the opportunity to share intriguing, science-based, and even humorous insights about the nutricosmetic industry. His mission is to not only promote TOSLA's products but to elevate the entire sector, encouraging other brands to recognize the untapped potential of beauty supplements.
  • Andreas Kunze, Key account manager at Jamnik d.o.o., one of the largest Slovenian manufacturers of printed packaging. The company specializes in the production of laminated packaging, solid cardboard packaging, point-of-sale packaging, and high-value-added gift packaging. They are experts in creating packaging with details that will help you sell your product.
  • Rok Miklavcic, Business Development at Mica d.o.o., a company specializing in plastic packaging, is present in Slovenian and European markets.
  • Alessandro Solcia, Production Manager at Arca Sleeves Srl, an Italian, B Corp Certified company, offering a wide range of solutions capable of meeting every need. Arca Sleeves creates shrink sleeve labels in any format, utilizing any printing technology (digital, flexo, offset), whether neutral (warranty seals, twin packs, promotional packaging) or for any specific application.

This episode looks at:

  • The main drivers in the sustainability supply chain
  • Consumer demand for sustainability
  • Legislation
  • Sustainable packaging vs. Sustainable business
  • The importance of collaboration
  • Reusable packaging
  • B Corp Certification
  • Innovations in the packaging industry

Planet-Friendly: a reassessment of material science for sustainable beauty

This episode features the following expert:

  • Chris DeArmitt, President at Phantom Plastics, is a world-leading expert on plastic materials science & formulation. Chris is the leading independent expert on the environmental impact of plastic, an award-winning keynote speaker, the author of The Plastics Paradox and The Innovation Abyss books, and much more.

This episode looks at:

• The truth about plastic packaging
• Waste and recycling
• The problem of waste
• The truth about microplastic
• Better practices and solutions

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