proDERM invests over one million euros in expansion


The renowned contract research institute proDERM has made a substantial investment in its facility expansion. The capacity to examine products requiring special climate conditions was the focus of the sustainable modernization process. This type of testing now occurs in the new “Solaris” test area, using state-of-the-art technology

The “Solaris” area of proDERM’s headquarters in the Schenefeld shopping center - nearby to the megacity Hamburg - is now an additional place where products can be examined. The international contract research institute has rented and extensively renovated additional space on the third floor of the shopping center.

Affirmation of headquarter Schenefeld/Hamburg

The steady growth of the institute was pivotal to the decision to invest over one million Euros in the expansion and modernization. After weighing all options, a conscious decision was made to enlarge the space at the Schenefeld shopping center.

One reason is that proDERM has been here since 1994 and is well known in this region. Hence the volunteer database contains more than 6,000 pre-screened local residents who may also be available at short notice. And like every shopping center, thousands of potential recruits are on site every day. This is convenient for both the institute and its customers.

The shopping center also offers a secure future: There is enough room for additional expansion.

Ideal conditions for valid studies

After 13 months of construction, the new space opened right on time on May 27, 2019. It is equipped for studies requiring special climate conditions. These include e.g. SPF studies and so-called hot-room studies. In some of the new exam rooms, the humidity and temperature can be adjusted, allowing them to reach 45 °C (hot-room). They are also designed as multi-purpose rooms, ensuring the most effective utilization.

Sustainable spatial concept

Sustainability was an important factor in the design of the new space. The modern ventilation system works without additional fans, so it consumes relatively little electricity. The foundation of the chilling system is a series of chillers, which means that environmentally hazardous coolants are not needed.

All of the lighting comes from energy-efficient LEDs equipped with motion detectors and daylight sensors. The lighting switches off automatically when an area is vacated or when there is sufficient daylight.

“The positive business trend has proven that we are on the right path. To ensure that the trend continues, it was important to us to be able to offer our customers, employees and test persons even greater performance and comfort,” says Prof. Dr. Klaus-P. Wilhelm, CEO and Medical Director of proDERM.

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“This is why we were happy to invest 1.2 million Euros, affirming our satisfaction in Schenefeld. And it is not the end of our expansion plans.”

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