Webinar: Expanding your information network to manage compliance


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Join Ken Bubeck, CEO of Ithos, on 11 June, as he discusses the importance of improving your information systems to manage compliance.

What an Information System should do for you:

  • Provide quick access to global regulatory restriction data and rules, by jurisdiction, to be strategic with regulatory compliance and make informed decisions, and the rule logic associated with it
  • Use a centralised repository that has all product, formula, and raw material documentation, where attributes can be collected and stored for quick reference and reporting for improved cross-functional communication. Reduce errors and mistakes
  • Segment Compliance Reporting with the ability to generate compliance reports by formula, RM, or INCI level substances with the click of a button
  • Easily provide access finished good, formula and raw material level data in order to review and report on the attributes within the data
  • Switch from a reactive to proactive approach by staying ahead of changing and upcoming regulations.

These are all actions an information network should enable you to perform in order to maintain compliance and ensure the growth and longevity of your company and its brands and products.

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