Vetroplas offers aluminium bottles with in-line silk screen printing

By Julia Wray | Published: 14-Sep-2021

New process will help create previously unachievable designs on aluminium bottles

Vetroplas is now offering the cosmetics industry aluminium bottles with new, fully-integrated in-line silk screen printing technology.

The technology, which has been introduced by Vetroplas’ Spanish manufacturing partner Envases can also incorporate the use of haptic inks to provide tactile effects, with parts of a design ‘raised’ above the flat surface of the bottle.

Combined with spot varnish, this new process can be used alongside existing offset printing to realise previously unachievable designs on aluminium bottles.

In-line hot foil stamping further enhances artwork possibilities including the opportunity to offer foil in a range of colours, as well as the more conventional silver and gold.

“The Vetroplas/Envases partnership now offers the world's first integrated hybrid offset and silk screen printing technology for aluminium monobloc bottles, making the green appeal of infinitely recyclable aluminium bottles compatible with a truly premium product,” said Vetroplas’ Managing Director, Simon Dix.

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