Verescence creates ‘gem-like’ bottles for Bvlgari


The Bvlgari Allegra collection features five EDPs and five Magnifying Essences

French glass specialist Verescence has manufactured the bottles for Bvlgari’s new Bvlgari Allegra perfumery collection.

Launched earlier this month, the collection features five eau de parfums paying tribute to Rome – Rock’N’Rome, Fiori d’Amore, Dolce Estasi, Riva Solare and Fantasia Veneta – as well as five Magnifying Essences – Bergamotte, Rose, Patchouli, Vanille, Musk – to personalise and enhance each fragrance.

Paying homage to Bvlgari’s heritage as a jeweller, the bottles are inspired by gems and created at three production sites: Verescence Mers-les-Bains, Verescence Somme and Verescence Orne.

Featuring glass caps, the 50ml and 100ml bottles have been designed to resemble Roman amphora with the rounded lines taking their cues from Bvlgari’s ‘cabochon’ gemstone cut.

The faceted cap and base, meanwhile, are a nod to Roman columns.

Verescence Extra-Flint glass was used for its transparency and brilliance, while for decoration several processes were combined. The chromatic combinations were made at Verescence Somme by a lacquering process using a stencil, while hot stamping was applied on a spherical surface to write the brand and perfume names.

The glass cap required two very complex gluing operations carried out at Verescence Orne: a plastic insert and a metal plate on lacquered glass. It has been designed to be fully recyclable and the components can be separated prior to recycling.

Meanwhile, the 40ml Magnifying Essences bottle has a facetted body and is adorned with an opaque glossy white lacquer for a porcelain effect to differentiate it from the EDPs.

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