Top 50 beauty brands 2023: Which brands are the best loved?

Published: 2-May-2023

Why are the most valuable brands not necessarily the strongest? And, with that in mind, which beauty player reigns supreme in strength? Brand Finance explains

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Part two of Cosmetics Business’ analysis of Brand Finance’s top 50 most valuable cosmetics brands of 2023 asks ‘which beauty brand is the strongest’?

Brand strength, another metric calculated by Brand Finance (see below), influences brand value, but the most valuable and the strongest beauty brands are not necessarily going to be the same ones. 

“Depending on the brand itself, they have quite different dynamics when it comes to their strength versus their value,” observes Annie Brown, General Manager of Brand Finance. 


If Natura is going to be one of the most valuable global cosmetic brands, it will need to invest significantly in marketing the brand in Europe

“The strongest brand in the ranking this year is Natura, but it isn’t the most valuable brand” – indeed, it enters the top 50 at number 22.

“What we’ve found from our consumer research is that although it [Natura] is really well-known in [its native] Brazil and really well-loved as a brand, outside of that, in Europe (except for in Spain), it’s not that well-known as a brand.”


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