The new ingredient to solve most hair care woes

Published: 22-Jul-2020

A unique complex of natural oils and vitamins to boost hair shine, anti-frizz and heat protection for beautiful and healthy hair and scalp

The environment can be harsh on hair, and as a result, hair care brands are in a race to solve common challenges like taming frizz, restoring shine, preventing breakage and protecting the hair from heated styling tools.

To deal with these challenges, JD has launched the ultimate hair care ingredient: JD Jojoba Hair Complex.

Our latest studies show that JD Jojoba Hair Complex is more effective in dealing with most of these hair care woes than other commonly used oils.

JD Jojoba Hair Complex is an exclusive complex of natural oils and vitamins essential for healthy hair and scalp.

Combining all-natural JD Jojoba Golden Oil with ingredients such as hemp seed oil led to this versatile product for rinse-off and leave-on hair care products.

JD Jojoba Hair Complex also provides moisture balance for the scalp with proven benefits for hair such as conditioning, heat protection, and anti-frizz capabilities.

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