The latest innovative patents in male grooming

Published: 4-Dec-2019

From hair growth promotion to high lubrication shaving aids, male grooming compositions are the theme of this month’s patents page

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1. Composition for promoting hair growth containing novel pantetheine derivative
US Patent 10,376,453
Application No 16/415,248
Granted 13 August 2019
Assignee Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology

The patent describes a composition containing as an active ingredient a pantetheine derivative for promoting the growth of dermal papilla cells and to thereby promote hair growth. The applicants suggest that male pattern alopecia is caused by the male hormone testosterone.

If testosterone is converted to the highly active hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by the enzyme 5a-reductase, the DHT will act on hair follicles to induce anagen-stage hair follicles to enter the catagen stage, thereby causing hair loss.

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