The hygiene packaging solutions having a moment in 2020

Gesture-controlled screens, digital scent tools and peel-off samples have become more ubiquitous since the outbreak of Covid-19, but their common denominator? They have all been developed in the name of hygiene as consumer behaviours shift during the pandemic. Here, Cosmetics Business discovers the hygiene packaging alternatives having a moment in 2020

Back in December 2019, scientists warned that nine out of ten make-up products, including mascaras, beauty blenders and lip glosses, were likely contaminated with potentially ‘life threatening’ superbugs, such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococci.

The group from Aston University, UK, said this was due to the fact that most beauty products are being used beyond their expiry dates and because consumers are not taking the time to clean them. The reality, according to researchers, is that these types of bacteria found in unhygienic applicators could cause illnesses such as skin infections and, if they come into contact with the eyes and mouth or cuts and grazes, even blood poisoning.

The study forewarned that consumers were ‘unwittingly’ putting themselves at risk, and called upon regulating bodies and manufacturers to do more to protect users by making expiry dates and cleaning requirements more prominent on beauty products’ packaging.

Fast-forward two months and the world was brought to its knees by a global pandemic, . . .

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