The ‘genius’ of algae for sensitive skin

Published: 22-May-2019

A protective effect for sensitive and reactive skins

Algaenia is a concentrate of peptides extracted from a microalgae Chlamydomonas acidophila. This is one of a few species capable of growing in extreme environment such as volcanic lakes, under particularly inhospitable conditions (pH, heavy metals, temperature variation).

Expanscience developed these microalgae in France in partnership with a French biotechnology company, Microphyt. It is grown there using a patented and innovative technology: photobioreactors.

This technology mimics the extreme conditions of the microalgae's natural environment to preserve all its properties. To adapt to this hostile environment, this microscopic plant produces many molecules with recognized cosmetic properties, especially for sensitive skin.

A protective effect for sensitive and reactive skins

Algaenia acts on different levels of the inflammatory cascade of skin sensitization. Its protective and soothing activity is demonstrated through two clinical studies.

On normal skin, Algaenia applied at 3% as a preventive measure helps to limit inflammation after the induction of erythema (chemical stress).

On sensitive skins, Algaenia applied at 3% allows to rebalance different markers:

  • inflammatory cytokines, overexpressed on the surface of sensitive skin
  • involucrin, a key component of the barrier function, altered in sensitive skins
  • NMF to increase skin hydration.

Algaenia provides comfort and protection for sensitive and sensitized skin.

Algaenia: ERI 360 certified

Algaenia is an eco-designed active ingredient that is ERI 360° certified (Eco Responsible Ingredient). This french label was built by several cosmetic companies, including Expanscience.

It provides the first analytical grid able to determine the level of Eco Responsibility of an ingredient.

This recognition highlights our involvement and our commitment to the eco-responsibility of our ingredients, in line with our overall CSR approach.

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