Start-up Sequential Skin bags $1.65m of fresh funding

By Becky Bargh 12-Oct-2021

Biotech business, specialising in skin microbiome testing, has raised $2.15m in funding in 2021, eyes B2B tests for the consumer space

Dr Oliver Worsley, CEO/co-founder (left), Petronille Houdart, PharmD and Skincare Director (middle), Dr Albert Dashi, CSO/co-founder (right)

Biotech start-up Sequential Skin, which specialises in skin tests of the microbiome and genetics, has concluded another successful round of investment funding in which it raised US$1.65m.

Bringing its total company investment to $2.15m with three months of the year still left to go, the UK/Singapore-headquartered business intends to use the funds to extend its B2B offering for cosmetics and healthcare companies.

The company’s tests use molecular analysis and sequencing technology to understand the effects of people’s genes and their environment on their skin, in an effort to tackle skin care conditions.

Meanwhile, Sequential Skin co-founders, Oliver Worsley and Albert Dashi, are also keen to tap into the consumer market with the launch of its first-ever at-home testing kit.

The funding is also earmarked to boost the duos’ IP portfolio.

By using their patch-based skin analysis, they hope to develop further tools to understand how genetics, epigenetics and skin microbiome affect the skin’s health.

“We now have significant traction in assembling an extensive dataset on skin types from Asia, Europe and the US, a great chance for us to discover novel biomarkers for skin conditions in different populations,” said Worsley, the company’s CEO.

Dashi, also the business’ Chief Scientific Officer, added: “Our scope is to provide science to people and empower them with the right tools and knowledge so they make the right decision for the future of their skin health and wellbeing.”

The round was led by Estonia-based and serial microbiome start-up investor Metaplanet, as well as Scrum Ventures, a firm with a background in technology businesses; SOSV, which has backed leading life science accelerator IndieBio; and Singapore-based venture capital firm Genedant.

Ben Holmes, meanwhile, has joined the team as an angel investor, or private investor, who has extensive experience in early-stage start-ups and was, until recently, a Director of food delivery chain Just Eat.

“Sequential Skin’s upside to disrupt the personalised skin care space is significant,” said Tak Miyata, founder and General Partner of Scrum Ventures.

“The product is easy to use, provides comprehensive insights and has value in D2C, clinical testing and B2B product validation use cases.

“The company’s at-home genetic and microbiome test kit has the potential to reach more consumers than any other personalised skin care company in the market.

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