Solabia Group presents new ingredients at in-Cosmetics Global

Published: 29-Mar-2019

Discover more about Solabia's new ingredients at stand M30

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Solabia Group will unveil a roster of new ingredients at in-Cosmetics Global, including Saniscalp, an active ingredient from passion fruit seeds.

Saniscalp is an active ingredient obtained from passion fruit seeds, Passiflora Edulis, fighting against the sensitivity and imbalances of the scalp as well as disgraceful dandruff.

Recognised for its natural richness in piceatannol, the passion fruit is used responsibly because it comes from upcycling. Saniscalp is also enriched with piceatannol dimers, obtained by enzymatic bioconversion: biological activities are increased tenfold!

In fact, Saniscalp builds up the scalp barrier organisation by managing the epidermal differentiation and stimulates its natural defenses to prevent disorders in cases of microbiota dysbiosis. Moreover, it can prevent and repair the inflammation caused by the sensitising molecules found in hair dye.

Saniscalp allows the visible reduction of dandruff intensity; the scalp is soothed and recovers health and wellbeing.

3Dermilyn is an active ingredient obtained from plantain seeds, Plantago lanceolate, grown in France. Used since antiquity for its softening and soothing properties provided by its richness in mucilage, this plant is now part of the "old remedies". Aging is an inevitable process and feeling beautiful with your age has become an ideal for today's women.

Facial sagging is one of the visible signs, a direct consequence of the disorganisation of the skin-deep architecture. Combining sensoriality and effectiveness, 3Dermilyn restores the youthfulness of the skin through a complex mechanism.

It stimulates key proteins involved in the formation of the collagen network and elastic fibers of the dermis. Moreover, 3Dermilyn replumps the upper layers of the skin by increasing the synthesis of epidermal hyaluronic acid.

Wrinkles are blurred and the facial contours are redefined. Moreover, to visibly improving the appearance of the skin, 3Dermilyn reduces skin inflammation and significantly boosts the release of serotonin and dopamine, also call "The happiness molecules". The signs of aging are reduced, the skin regains well-being and serenity.

Bioecolia is a prebiotic, α-glucan oligosaccharide, obtained by a process of enzymatic biocatalysis . Its structure, composed of glucose units linked together, constitutes a preferential substrate for feeding the microorganisms in our body. The selectivity of Bioecolia is linked to the presence of specific binding agents, which allow our flora to use glucose more quickly and efficiently.

By competitive inhibition, this bioselectivity thus makes it possible to avoid dysbiosis phenomena. Moreover, Bioecolia can strengthen our body's natural defenses by stimulating the production of antimicrobial peptides, key markers of immunity. By acting globally on the microbiomes of the skin, intestines, vagina and scalp, Bioecolia is the guardian of our ecosystem!

Awaken your senses and explore new emotional sensations with our newly introduced purifying SolaMask charcoal & exfoliating SolaScrub bamboo; these new innovative 3D Pearls are an extension to our SolaPearls Range which inspire undiscovered emotions and sensorial textures to applications you can both see and feel.

Our purifying and detoxifying facial SolaMask with charcoal pearls disperses into a silky smooth layer with activated charcoal for seamless application. The black pearl symbolizes royalty, luxury, wisdom, and mystery. Black pearls are known for warding off negative energy, while activated charcoal deeply-cleanses the skin from oil, dirt, and helps treat acne-prone skin.

Exfoliation is key in our bamboo-crafted SolaScrub, it stimulates cellular dynamics by efficiently eliminate dead cells to restore radiance and youthfulness to the skin. Bamboo has been used in Chinese culture for its healing properties, having a rich source of antioxidants providing protection from harsh free radicals that cause those pesky premature wrinkles.

The SolaGreen Superfluids Technology relies on two superfluids with complementary extracting properties: the subcritical water and the supercritical CO2, used separately or combined within a two-steps process. This global technology and its 2-in-1 equipment allow to screen and optimize the extraction of specific molecules or molecular families to enhance the exploration of plant phytochemistery.

It focuses on molecule polarity while sublimating the best that Nature has to offer. This High-performance eco-extraction provides environmental benefits such as energy saving, use of safe and natural solvent, procurement of biodegradable active ingredients with post-production plant recycling and compliance with COSMOS Standards.

The SolaGreen SuperFluids Technology has been inspired by Ayurveda and Superfoods, enhancing the beauty of skin and hair, to offer 5 original extracts: Black Truffle, Turmeric, Ginger, Vanilla and Fucus vesiculosus.

From the development of inspirational extracts and active ingredients to the proposal of exclusive customised projects, SolaGreen SuperFluids Technology offers a wide range of Eco-sustainable Green Innovation opportunities.

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