Silverson Machines Ltd: CBD oil

Published: 21-Aug-2019

Silverson overcomes cannabidiol miscibility challenges and provides repeatability

The incorporation of CBD into foods – as well as cosmetic and pharmaceutical products – is becoming one of the fastest growing trends in the process industry.

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is an oil derived from cannabis. It contains none of the psychoactive ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), so there is no ‘high’ from it.

In the emerging CBD or hemp-derived cannabidiol market, new product development of food, beverage and personal care products is progressing at a brisk pace.

Amidst the buzz of all this new product development, there are a number of production challenges that arise when incorporating CBD into products.

Depending on concentration, CBD oil can be a highly viscous liquid, difficult to blend with water or low viscosity oils. It can also appear cloudy rather than clear in certain applications if the droplet particle size is not sufficiently reduced.

Silverson mixers are increasingly being used for R&D and small scale production in this emerging market.

The Silverson range of mixers from lab scale to production models are able to meet CBD mixing requirements, such as creating stable emulsions, dissolving or hydrating powdered ingredients and disintegrating solids.

Silverson machines can also easily mix liquids of widely varying viscosities, so high-viscosity CBD oil can be blended in a fraction of the time taken by conventional mixers.

Silverson Laboratory mixers can easily be scaled up to production scale equivalents as each Silverson mixer is engineered to the same fine tolerances, allowing customers to expand quickly to keep up with customer demand and business growth.

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