Setalg develops exotic locale range of scrubs


Exfoliating natural scrubs invoke the tropics, Tahiti and the Mediterranean

Setalg, developers of customised cosmetics formulae, have developed a facial scrubs range with travel to exotic locations in mind - each is characterised by a fragrance that evokes a sunny destination.

Based on natural ingredients with exfoliating properties and enriched with vitamins and minerals, the range includes five scrubs in three textures: gel, jelly and creamy, which can be made from mixing the powders with water.

With a gel texture, Freshly Acidulous (lime in colour) and Passionately Mango (bright orange in colour) scrubs are designed to emulate a tour of the Mediterranean and Latin America respectively.

The two scrubs with a jelly texture, Sensually Vahine - with Monoï fragrance, vanilla oil and Bora Bora sand - and Delicately Rose, with a soft rose and litchi fragrance, invoke Tahiti and East Asia. Sri Lanka is the destination for the Deliciously Coconut scrub, which has a creamy texture and coconut fragrance.

All five scrubs were developed from natural and biodegradable ingredients, and do not contain preservatives or plastic beads.

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