Sequoia cells to limit male skin ageing

Published: 20-Apr-2021

MReload Sequoia is made of whole plant cells of sequoia (Sequoia sempervirens), the mythical tree growing in California, that will help to decrease wrinkles and fine lines

Essential because multifunctional

Indeed, a clinical study run on 28 days, with an application twice a day on male skin demonstrates a decrease of the surface of wrinkles of 21%, a decrease of the number of wrinkles of 14% and a decrease of the length of wrinkles of 19%.

Those results were in accordance with the ones MReload Sequoia shows in in vitro tests. They demonstrate several effects that will improve the aspect of skin as well:

  • A firming effect due to an increase of the proteoglycans and collagen rates
  • A moisturizing effect due to an increase of the water retention and a decrease of the transepidermic flow
  • An antioxidant effect due to a decrease of the creation of free radicals and an increase of the activity of enzymes SOD and catalase
  • A soothing effect due to a decrease of three inflammation mediators.

All tests were performed with a concentration of 0.5% of MReload Sequoia (corresponding to 20% cells in 80% glycerine).

MReload Sequoia is not allergenic, preservative free, and can be used in any type of skin care (body care and face care - cream, lotion, serum) or colour cosmetics (foundation, BB cream, etc.) in any type of formulation, liquid or solid.

Cosmos approvals and ISO 16128 certificates for all liquid forms available on request.

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