Rexam adds airless offer to Nea design

Airless pump meets enhanced product protection needs

Rexam is anticipating increasing demand for lotion dispensers with high performance protection for modern skin care formulations by introducing a Nea Airless line to accompany the original Nea launched in 2008.

The Nea engine is designed without elastomers and is fitted with a glass ball and a spring outside the closing chamber to assure metal-free formula flow, with neutrality and protection against formula discolouration and incompatibility. The pump offers smooth actuation, precise dosage and high suction force. The airless version takes this a stage further.

“Our Nea Airless represents a significant new packaging alternative to existing airless dispensers at a time of increased popularity of preservative-free or other formulations sensitive to oxygen and metal components,” says Virginie Lemeunier, product manager – facil care, Rexam Personal Care. “With today’s bio-organics, anti-ageing, SPF and anti-acne products, the Nea Airless combines ultra-smooth Nea actuation, formula protection, prec ise dosage, self-closing orifice, appealing aesthetics with tremendous value.”

Nea Airless is currently available in 30ml and 50ml sizes and will soon be joined by a 15ml version. It is said to be easy to top-fill under atmospheric conditions on high speed lines.