Revieve Launches Skincare Trends service

Published: 25-Apr-2019

Revieve, the leading beauty-technology company based in Helsinki, Finland has announced the launch of its skincare trends subscription service

The company’s new service enables beauty brands, retailers, researchers and media to access relevant skincare trends for a specific country or region as reported by actual consumers in that region in near real-time through a monthly email report.

“Through our partnerships with retailers and brands across four continents, we’ve highlighted the need for our customers to receive a more detailed understanding of consumer preferences, concerns and skincare trends in an easily consumable, action-provoking way”, explains Revieve CEO Sampo Parkkinen.

The skincare trends subscription service launches officially in May 2019 and offers anyone interested in consumer-reported skincare product preferences, concerns and trends to receive a short, action-oriented email-based report for the geography of their choice directly to their emails.

“We believe the days of receiving market intelligence and trend information in a very fast changing industry like beauty are the past. Having access to near real-time information is a critical success factor for beauty brands and retailers looking to make decisions on product assortment and capitalize on changing consumer needs” continues Parkkinen.

The skincare trends -subscription service is available now for early access on

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