Radox ramps up self care marketing amid branding overhaul

By Becky Bargh 14-Jan-2021

The Unilever-owned brand is tapping into the beauty trend that has gripped the category since consumers were forced to stay at home

Radox ramps up self care marketing amid branding overhaul

Bathroom staple Radox has ramped up its self care marketing as more consumers are forced to stay at home during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The Unilever-owned brand has invested £6m into its new Life’s Better With Bubbles campaign, marking the brand’s highest TV investment in eight years.

With its new TV advert, the 100-year-old brand reminds consumers of Radox’s bathing heritage and raises the awareness of self care – a trend that has erupted since stay-at-home orders came into force in March last year.

Sales of home fragrances, nail polishes and at-home hair dyes rocketed during 2020 as customers substituted colour cosmetics for wellbeing products.

“Self care and taking time out of the day to relax has never been so important, so it is great to see that people are rediscovering the wellbeing benefits of a warm soak in the bath,” said Monique Rossi, Unilever’s Marketing Director for its Deodorant, Skin Cleansing and Gifting category.

“Given the national lockdown, it’s a simple and accessible act of self care that many of us can enjoy within the sanctuary of our own home.

“With the huge investment into our ‘Life’s Better with Bubbles’ campaign this year, we hope to reach and encourage more and more people to enjoy the benefits of relaxing and recharging in a Radox bath.

“From our humble beginnings in Manchester 112 years ago, we have over a century of experience in the self care and bathing category, making Radox the perfect bath time companion.”

Radox has tied in the campaign with a complete overhaul of its branding, citing confidence in the self care category’s future.

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To mark the occasion, the brand will also introduce eight new bathing and hand cleansing products.