Quadpack develops airless pack for Bondi Sands’ new range


Recyclable airless pump has a metal-free mechanism

Australia-based self-tanning and skin care brand Bondi Sands has partnered with Quadpack to develop the airless packaging for its new SPF range.

Called Hydra UV Protect, the products are PETA certified and reef-friendly.

The new range has a recyclable airless pump with a metal-free mechanism. The pack is made entirely from PP and PE, which are both widely-recyclable polymers.

“Consumers want to reduce their footprint and sometimes find this very difficult. We, as a brand, must invest in sustainable and innovative packaging, making it easier for consumers to recycle,” said Bondi Sands co-founder Blair James.

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Hydra UV Protect launched in Australia this month and will roll-out to the UK and US markets shortly.

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