Quadpack answers need for precise dosage with Charismo Dropper

By Julia Wray | 11-May-2022

The system combines a recyclable bottle with droppers developed for low viscosity products

Packaging maker Quadpack has introduced the Charismo Dropper for formulas requiring precise dosage.

Available in 10ml and 30ml options, the Charismo Dropper’s glass bottles can be easily separated from the teat thanks to its thread opening system.

The droppers are said to be ideal for low viscosity formulations like serums, oils, essences and water-like products.

The 10ml version is recommended for lip care and sample sizes, while the 30ml is suited to standard sized skin care and make-up products.

The Charismo Droppers are part of the QLine Charismo range from Quadpack, which is available in fragrance bottles of 50ml and 100ml making the droppers a good option for line extensions.

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