Post consumer recycled: Sounds good, but does it look and feel right?


For luxury brands that desire beautiful PCR material

Post consumer recycled: Sounds good, but does it look and feel right?

If your brand is committed to sustainability, it’s hard to imagine a better option than 100% PCR plastic.

It involves a painstaking process of collecting, sorting, and cleaning after-market material. The reduction on environmental impact is, of course, priceless.

But many luxury brands share a concern about PCR packaging:

Does it suffer from quality issues? Does it look and feel flimsy or cheap?

With this in mind, at Epopack we have pioneered PCR in our unique PET Heavy Wall Style, to ensure that you get an infinitely recyclable material without sacrificing any beauty.

Our 100% PCR PET bottles and jars:

  • are shatterproof, with a sturdy feel in the hand
  • have commanding presence on the shelf; like glass
  • can be easily customized by spray colour coating, printing, and hot stamping
  • also have a rare quality of natural colours to choose from.

The three natural colours of our PCR packages offer an interesting option for brands looking to stand out. Their special production means subtle colour variation is unavoidable… making every piece unique.

The White PCR is most similar to virgin PET plastic. While our “Natural” PCR colour is like special glass with a graceful milky glow.

Most interesting is the Green PCR which is recycled from green tea bottles that sell in corner stores across Taiwan. The material is rare outside the country, and the resulting colour is like jade.

So by texture, by look, and by customisation options, no aesthetic sacrifice needs to be made to package your cosmetics in our PCR bottles and jars.

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