Pola Orbis seeks foreign brand


Pola Orbis Holdings looking to acquire a foreign cosmetics brand, with specific requirements

Pola Orbis Holdings is looking to acquire a foreign cosmetics brand, but there is a catch. The foreign brand’s product range should not overlap with that of Pola Orbis in either price or concept, President Satoshi Suzuki said in a recent interview. That would leave the Japanese cosmetics maker purchasing a brand with products in the middle price range. The acquisition would play an important role in Pola Orbis’ plans to boost its business in Asia. The company aims to double overseas sales to ¥50bn in fiscal 2020 from some ¥23.3bn in fiscal 2013.

Currently, Pola Orbis has nine cosmetics brands, each with different price ranges and sales channels. Their main products are daily use skin care items. Suzuki said the company would consider buying a foreign brand in this same category but with a different price range. It should also have established sales channels in ASEAN countries and a strong brand identity. The company’s overseas operations will focus on China and ASEAN. The company will strengthen its high-priced Pola brand at department stores, especially in Thailand and Taiwan, and plans to find new outlets mainly in ASEAN countries for its lower priced Orbis brand.

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David Kilburn, Tokyo