Perfect365 collaborates with US beauty show The Look: All Stars

By Becky Bargh 22-Jun-2018

The AR beauty platform is set to release make-up looks on its app every week before the show airs

AR beauty platform Perfect365 has announced a new collaboration with US beauty show The Look: All Stars.

The weekly hour-long show, hosted by actress Tori Spelling and Stylist Guru Kim Vo, features make-up artists, fashion and hair stylists competing to create the best beauty make-overs.

As part of the collaboration, Perfect365 will release looks featured on the upcoming episode for consumers to virtually try-on before it airs.

Executive Producer of The Look: All Stars, Gregory Butler, said: “We are excited about the partnership with Perfect365 as it allows viewers on the CW and MyNetwork the opportunity to try on looks from the show in real time so they can get instant gratification and engagement as well as learn about cutting edge products used on the set.”

The app will also feature make-up artists from the show and beauty brands used in their make-overs.

Cara Harbor, Perfect365’s Director of Marketing, said: “This on-going collaboration proves that digital beauty is continuing to grow and marks a shift in the way TV shows and brands will continue to utilise technology like Perfect365 to engage with their audiences in different ways.”

The programme will feature appearances from industry influencers Alinna, Manal Shaikh, Kalani Hilliker, Kira Girard and Rob Ferrel.

Presley Poe, Gregory Patterson, Jordan Glindmyer, Kevin Kirk and Ben Mollin all set to compete in the upcoming series.

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The programme will air across the US weekly from 24 June and the first looks from Perfect365 will also be released.