Olaplex hair loss lawsuit: Is misinformation on TikTok to blame?

By Alessandro Carrara 21-Feb-2023

Olaplex’s CEO JuE Wong issued a vigorous response following the lawsuit, hitting back at claims that its products cause hair loss

Olaplex was founded in 2014 by Dean and Darcy Christal

Olaplex was founded in 2014 by Dean and Darcy Christal

Lawsuits can have a devastating effect on a brand’s reputation and customer perception. 

The news of a lawsuit filed against Olaplex on 17 February, which claims that its No. 0 to No. 9 products cause hair loss and scalp blisters, has placed the hair care specialist in a precarious situation. 

This is not only from the group of 28 women seeking more than US$75,000 in damages, but also from the intense debate on Olaplex’s product line occurring across social media.

Has the resulting fallout already tarnished the brand’s image?...

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