OGX launches #badasshairdays Instagram campaign

Published: 24-Apr-2015

Followers are encouraged to take selfies

Based upon on the concept that bad hair days don’t exist, just ‘bad ass’ ones, OGX has launched its #badasshairdays campaign in the US.

After hearing customers repeatedly discussing bad hair days, the brand decided it wanted to change the conversation.

Its digital campaign went live on Instagram nine days ago. Instagram users are asked to show the brand that they are having a #badasshairday by submitting a photograph on Instagram. A major part of the campaign is to enter a ‘Hair or Dare’ contest, with the possibility of winning a prize worth $1,250. If users select ‘Hair’ they are prompted to take a selfie of how their hair looks at that very moment, and asked not to cheat or fix, while tagging @ogx_beauty and using the hashtag #BadAssHairDay.

Those that select Dare will be asked to do something and share, with dares previously having included being asked to take a selfie after an intense workout and to dress their hair like their alter ego. Those who select the dare option also have the chance to win a prize.

Users can enter the competition every day for a chance to win and be featured on the brand’s website. With the brand stating that they are aiming to turn bad hair days into bad ass ones, OGX currently has 13.3K followers on Instagram, with an increasing number of followers on the ‘dare’ page, helping to increase brand awareness, spread the word about the campaign and its motto and generate a buzz among the brand’s followers.

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