Novel material upgrades the cushion compact


A new fibre cushion technology from Porex is providing greater versatility for manufacturers

Novel material upgrades the cushion compact

Cushion compacts have taken the beauty world by storm, appearing in product lines from leading beauty brands like L'Oréal Paris and Lancôme, receiving recognition as a miracle product for make-up wearers on the move.

By using a soft, absorptive insert to pack a liquid formulation within one pocket-sized, portable product, the cushion compact design allows make-up wearers to apply the liquid foundations, concealers and serums they know and love within the convenient packaging of a classic powder compact.

Still, the current cushion compacts on the market have their limitations. However, a new design emerging in the market has the potential to transform performance for the trendy packaging format.

Refining design

Packaged in a ...

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