New aurafirm data to debut at SCS Formulate 2019

Published: 7-Nov-2019

Oat Cosmetics launched aurafirm, a range of fermented oat actives, in April 2018 in response to the booming microbiome trend seen across beauty and personal care markets worldwide.

The launch garnered much attention due to the desirability of aurafirm’s microbiome claims, and today, Oat Cosmetics are delighted to preview the launch of brand-new microbiome-focussed data to support ever-increasing interest in the fermented product’s capabilities.

The full results of this new data will be available at SCS Formulate 2019, where the Oat Cosmetics team will be on stand 428 with ProTec UK.

What is aurafirm?

aurafirm is the result of a fermentation process using Oat COM, Oat Cosmetics’ advanced colloidal oatmeal, and a highly specialised Lactobacillus strain.

Fermentation – long popular in the Asian beauty market - breaks down large molecules to increase bioavailability and concentration of key skin nutrients such as amino acids, vitamin B, antioxidants and starch.

The process also enables the resulting product, in this case aurafirm, to have prebiotic, probiotic-like, and postbiotic effects on the skin. There are three ingredients available in the aurafirm range:

  • aurafirm P, a concentrated cream suitable for viscous products such as face creams and masks, which contains a very high level of actives and nutrients that work to maintain a healthy skin microbiome
  • aurafirm N, an extremely mobile liquid with a small amount of sediment which is best suited to lighter formulations such as lotions and eye care
  • aurafirm S, a clear filtered liquid with concentrated, bioavailable molecules that work to restore health of the skin microbiome following use of harsh cosmetic products. Its composition lends itself nicely to weightless serums and toners.

New Data Preview

Currently, aurafirm’s efficacy is backed by a host of in-vivo and ex-vivo data, but now Oat Cosmetics have sought to further strengthen the data surrounding its composition and effect on the skin microbiome.

Brand new study results available at SCS Formulate 2019 will include:

1. Viability of Lactobacillus

RESULTS SUMMARY: Lactobacillus bacteria in aurafirm P are dead (in red/orange) but remain intact, meaning they will act similarly to live bacteria when applied to the skin – a probiotic-like effect. They will have a slow-release effect as they are sitting on an oat-based matrix.

New aurafirm data to debut at SCS Formulate 2019

2. Bacterial Count

RESULTS SUMMARY: aurafirm P has the highest bacterial count of all aurafirm grades. Lactobacillus bacteria (red) account for 6% of the product’s solid matter, indicating a high concentration of prebiotic oat material.

New aurafirm data to debut at SCS Formulate 2019

3. Effects on Bacteria Adhesion and Growth

RESULTS SUMMARY: aurafirm P has a selective effect on the growth of three skin-prominent bacterial communities, enhancing the growth of S. epidermidis (good bacteria), whilst hindering that of Corynebacterium spp and P. aeruginosa (considered pathogenic when growth is not controlled). This is due to the prebiotic and probiotic content present in aurafirm P.

New aurafirm data to debut at SCS Formulate 2019

4. Bioavailable Molecule Profiling Study

RESULTS SUMMARY: The fermentation process results in the release of more bioavailable skin-beneficial molecules as can be clearly identified in aurafirm P. These molecules include amino acids, such as glutamic and aspartic acid which provide anti-ageing and firming effects; vitamin B, including pantothenic acid (B5) and niacin (B3); skin-protecting antioxidants; and moisture-locking starch.

5. Lignocellulosic Composition and FT-IR Analysis

RESULTS SUMMARY: aurafirm P is packed full of polysaccharides which work to lock in moisture, provide protection from environmental stressors, and maintain the skin’s microbiome.

To see the full results of our brand-new data, available across all three aurafirm grades, visit the Oat Cosmetics team on stand 428 with ProTec UK at SCS Formulate 2019. If you’d like to receive a downloadable copy of our new aurafirm data pack once released, please email

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