Multichromatic Xirona Color Travel pigments


A voyage of iridescence with Xirona Color Travel Pigments

Experience our imitation of nature’s wonderful, multichromatic designs from floating bubbles to enchanting moon stones!

Learn how to create charminlgy upbeat applications

Xirona effects display shifting hues of iridescence that are based on a special layer-substrate technology resulting in transitional interference or absorption colors.

Highly stable and versatile, these gems conjure up eye-catching effects with up to 4 colors in one!

  • Outstanding color travel effects for trendsetting cosmetic formulations
  • High pigment stability
  • Endless styling flexibility for eye-catching shades with up to 4 shades in one product
  • Metallic shine with irresistible multi-color or sparkle effects
  • Ideal for creating holographic appearances and prismatic color depth
  • #instagrammable effects to elevate your products on social media.

Read more about Xirona Color Travel pigments on our website and register below to secure a spot for the Merck Live Cosmetics Conference!

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