Making sense of sustainable freight: What’s the most eco-friendly option?

Customers are demanding less waste, minimal packaging and a squeaky clean supply chain. But it’s only a matter of time before sustainable freight plays a part in which brands shoppers buy from. So, which areas are making headway in eco-conscious cargo?

On the face of it, it’s pretty straightforward to notice if a beauty brand is putting sustainability at the fore, and if it isn’t, they generally like to shout about it.

‘We only use palm oil that is responsibly-sourced’, one might say. ‘Our supply chain is completely transparent,’ others caterwaul. While some give airtime to the latest in sustainable technology or creative movements in packaging solutions, such as Bulldog’s glass razor made from recycled beer bottles.

More obvious tell-tale signs of a conscious beauty brand on-shelf would be a reduction in single-use plastic, refillable technology, a waterless product or packaging that is actually biodegradable.

But behind the marketing, there’s another supply chain cog in play that consumers – and potentially even brand owners – have little idea on how to ‘green up’. Freight.

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