Make-up brand 3INA plans to become 100% vegan in 2020


The Spanish beauty brand will seek vegan brand certification next year

Spanish beauty brand 3INA has announced plans to become 100% vegan next year.

The brand has recently developed vegan formulas for all of its non-vegan products, spanning face, eyes and lips, although 85% of its range is already vegan.

3INA's product department told Cosmetics Business: "The biggest challenge is to maintain the same shade, finish and texture for the vegan formula as the original product.

"At the moment we have all the vegan formulas developed and approved, and are working on production and updating the stock.

"We estimate to have 100% vegan formulas available in stores and online mid-2020.

"From this moment our product department will start the process for 100% vegan brand certification."

In addition to its vegan-friendly ambitions, 3INA announced that it aims to launch a global #3INAMovement; it is now available in 18 markets after experiencing an 'impressive' rate of growth.

The movement will promote the concept of self-expression and playfulness through make-up with "no regard to boundaries or borders".

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