Lubrizol launches multi-ethnic skin, scalp and hair ingredient

By Julia Wray | Published: 22-Sep-2022

Xpozuki biotech ingredient provides all-in-one exposome protection

Lubrizol has introduced a new ingredient described as an all-in-one multi-ethnic skin, scalp and hair solution.

Xpozuki biotech ingredient defends against and repairs exposome damage, with the exposome being the totality of exposures to which an individual is subjected, including the sun, and chemical and physical manipulation.

The ingredient is sustainably sourced from organic azuki beans, known for their detoxifying and antioxidant benefits.

Lubrizol’s biotechnological processes means LLS Beauty has been able to enrich the content of its trademarked Azukides natural peptides, which have shown to be responsible for the antioxidant effects of the ingredient.

Testing has shown Xpozuki biotech ingredient to offer skin, scalp and hair protection, defence and repair from exposome damage.

In addition, it provides a more protected skin barrier and improved skin appearance, including a more even and brighter skin tone, minimised skin redness and improved surface texture irregularities.

It also offers improved multi-ethnic hair vitality with less split ends, improved hair fibre alignment and curl definition, and reduced hair frizz and volume.

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