Less is more: New British beauty brand dedicated to lowering waste makes debut

Skin care brand SBTRCT, pronounced ‘subtract’, has introduced a duo of solid skin care products that are water-free

SBTRCT (pronounced ‘subtract’), a new British skin care brand dedicated to formulating high efficacy solid skin care products, has unveiled its debut collection with sustainability at the forefront.

The new line of water-free products features the brand's Gentle Foaming Cleanser (£22), made from coconut-based surfactant and a blend of essential oils, including geranium, rose and tonka, and Moisturising Facial Balm (£28) that uses glycerine, squalane, rosehip oil and shea butter to help moisturise and protect the skin.

Speaking about the launch, SBTRCT's founder Ben Grace said, “We call it SBTRCTivism: because frankly we think it’s a little bit ironic that an industry created to cleanse and care is making our planet a dirty place, and we want to help clean things up.”

The products have also launched with an accompanying tray, in an effort to reduce the amount of single waste plastic ending up in landfill.

The cleanser’s diatomite dish is made from a form of fossilised algae and plaster in order to absorb any excess water.

Meanwhile, the Bamboo Pot for the blam features a magnetic seal to keep the balm out of direct sunlight with a ribbon pull to allow for easy removal of the balm.

Both pots are priced at £10.