Laboratoires Expanscience natural care for healthy hair


Laboratoires Expanscience natural care for healthy hair

Hair need to be taken care of to keep it healthy! Laboratoires Expanscience offers several solutions to fight against different hair disorders. Their catalogue includes 3 natural ingredients with proven efficacy adapted to several types of hair issues.

Skinhairgium Bio: The hair growth booster

Skinhairgium Bio is obtained from Maca, a peruvian root traditionnaly used for its energizing properties.

It stimulates hair growth by activating the hair growth (=anagen) phase. It does so by activating pathways involved in this phase:

  • Wnt/b-Catenin pathway upregulation, b-catenin : +44%
  • Fibroblast Growth Factor 7 synthesis stimulation : +72%

Skinhairgium Bio slows down hair loss by delaying the earlier transition to the catagen phase and increases the proliferation of hair follicle matrix cells.

A biological test notably showed that Skinhairgium at 0,5%, compared to a pharma reference Minoxidil at 1µM, has better results for follicle proportion % staying in anagen phase.

It also boosts adhesion proteins to promote a proper anchorage of hair follicles and hair morphogenesis: b1-Integrin, Laminin-a5 and Fibronectin.

Laboratoires Expanscience natural care for healthy hair

5a-Avocuta: The answer to greasy hair

5a-Avocuta acts on the enzyme 5a-reductase, which metabolizes testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, an androgen which induces overproduction of sebum, causing greasy hair and skin.

5a-Avocuta, by inhibiting 5a-reductase, regulates sebum production in order to provide an optimal sebum quantity : formulated at 100 μg/ml, it reduces 5a-reductase activity by 49% in normal human fibroblasts treated for 24h.

It thus appears to be an excellent active substance for improving seborrheic conditions and shows even better results than a pharma reference, Serenoa repens (-35% 5a-reductase activity).

A clinical study was conducted with volunteers who had consulted dermatologists about their problems of greasy hair not solved by existing products on the market: 78% of them noticed a major improvement of the greasy appearance of hair in only 3 weeks!

Avocado oil: A generous and shimmering oil for shiny hair

Laboratoires Expanscience is exploiting all the avocado's treasures to provide a soft and nourishing oil, odourless and totally clear.

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This sensorial ingredient, well-known and used in hair care industry, can be formulated in hair shampoo, hair oil, hair care, for its intense nutritive and repairing properties.

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