La Roche-Posay adds to Anthelios line


New for 2015, La-Roche Posay has added four new products to its Anthelios sun care line

New for 2015, La-Roche Posay has added four new products to its Anthelios sun care line.

Though the products in the range already provide UVA protection twice as strict as European standards, combined with very high skin tolerance, the brand has now added protection against long UVA rays to its formulations in the form of its first anti-oxidant active ingredient, baicalin. It is clinically proven to provide reinforced protection against the effects of UV rays including long UVA.

Long UVA generate free radicals which can cause irreversible damage within the skin, such as reduced immune defences and photo-induced ageing, and cannot be prevented by filters.

Baicalin is a polyphenol extracted from baikal skullcap root which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine. According to the brand, its research laboratories have demonstrated the antioxidant’s biological effect against the harmful effects of UV for reinforced protection.

The new additions are: Comfort Cream SPF30 and SPF50+, BB Tinted Comfort Cream SPF50+ (all £15.50), and Dermo Paediatrics Baby Lotion SPF50+ (£11). The Comfort Cream has an extra-moisturising formula to cater to dry skin types, while the BB Tinted Comfort Cream is specifically developed to illuminate and unify skin while providing the same Anthelios protection(£15.50).

Dermo Paediatrics Baby Lotion SPF50+ has been designed to comply with baby skin and provide optimal sun safety. It is enriched with shea butter to reinforce the skin's protective barrier. The white formula is visible on application to ensure that every area of the baby’s skin is protected.

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