LLS Beauty demonstrates polymer technology with hair make-up line

Published: 11-Aug-2020

Example range comprises on-the-go temporary hair colour and style options

Lubrizol Life Science – Beauty has introduced a line of temporary hair colour products with built-in styling efficacy to demonstrate its Carbopol Style 2.0 polymer technology.

The ‘Go with the Flow Hair Makeup & Style’ range offers instant colour, texture and dimensional effects (including dip dye ombré and colour highlights) in convenient handbag-sized applicators.

Shade options include pink, peach, grey, red, black and yellow.

“Whether it’s a new trendy colour or texture, consumers are loving the fast, quick change that temporary hair colour offers, helping them to try a bolder look at home with easy-to-use application that can be easily rinsed out at the end of the day,” said Juliana Mancini Gomiero, Global Hair Care Marketing Manager, LLS Beauty.

Lubrizol’s Carbopol Style 2.0 polymer is a three-in-one rheology modifier with inherent boosting properties, which provides a strong hold in styling applications and exhibits flexible and broad pigment compatibility.

Texture options for temporary hair colour include styling gels, gel creams, liquid chalks, hair mascaras, cream-in-powder products and glossy gels.

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