Knoll creates secondary packaging for limited-edition Chanel N°5

By Julia Wray | 14-Jul-2021

The eco-friendly, bottle-hugging pack is made from Knoll Ecoform

To support the launch of Chanel’s limited-edition Chanel Factory 5 collection – celebrating Chanel N°5's 100th anniversary – Knoll Packaging has helped create eco-friendly secondary packaging for the iconic fragrance.

To replace the traditional boxes for the 100ml formats of L’Eau and Eau de Parfum, Chanel partnered with Knoll Packaging to create a bottle-hugging pack made from 100% Knoll Ecoform, a material comprised of FSC-certified bamboo and sustainable bagasse.

The company noted that a high level of technical expertise was required to form the material into the shape of the iconic bottle.

It was likewise an engineering feat to build in a ‘snap’ feature, to help keep it closed.

The pulp packaging is recyclable and uses a variety of printing and stamping techniques to achieve the logo and copy on the packaging.

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