Joya launches Foxglove fragrance


New York-based niche perfume brand Joya has launched Foxglove, its fifth fragrance, exclusively on Net-a-Porter.

It has head notes of blood orange, saltmeadow grass and hyacinth leaves; heart notes of honeyed jasmine, camellia and jonquil; and base notes of treaty oak, white cedar and wild musk.

The fragrance costs $112 for a 75ml parfum and comes in a verdigris-coloured handcrafted porcelain bottle with a 22-carat gold-dipped wand applicator. It is also available as a travel-sized 10ml perfume oil for $28, in acid-etched green glass with a roller ball and printed in 24 carat gold, and as a green bar soap for $14, drill-pressed by hand at the Joya Studio.

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“Foxglove is an homage to New York,” founder and president of Joya Frederick Bourchary told Cosmetic News Weekly. “Joya draws so much of its inspiration from the City, and we go to great lengths to honour and support the local economy and soon to provide a real community engagement initiative. “This new perfume is a way of capturing an aromatic feeling of the City via the air of its landscaped parks - and also its rich botanical and cultural history, wetlands, bedrock and more.”