JD Phyto-Or 1%: glowing skin through the power of phytoene

Published: 12-Apr-2022

Natural active skin repair. Enhanced skin elasticity. Improved skin tone.

As natural actives continue to play a growing role in skin care products, Jojoba Desert recognizes Phytoene as a natural fit with JD Jojoba oil and an ideal solution for the ongoing trends and demands for natural, effective, and sustainable ingredients.

JD collaborated with renowned supplier Lycored to create JD Phyto-Or 1%, a novel high-performing active for glowing skin and hair, featuring both JD Jojoba oil and the concentrated Phytoene.

As Phytoene is not abundant in its pure form in nature, since the biosynthesis of nature is ongoing, Lycored had utilized its distinctive process to isolate concentrated Phytoene from a non-GMO fungi produced through a controlled fermentation pathway.

JD Jojoba Oil as a best-in-class medium enables a complete solubility of Phytoene, the active material and functions as a booster for hydration and sensory qualities.

JD Phyto-Or 1% captures a wide range of benefits:

  • Protects and maintains the natural hydro lipid skin barrier
  • Evens skin tone and complexion
  • Reduces wrinkles and enhances elasticity
  • Provides a sophisticated resistance against extrinsic aging factors
  • Protects the skin from ROS (reactive oxygen species) originated from pollution and UV radiation damages

JD Phyto-Or 1% offers a complete package of exceptional benefits for hair and skin, along with holistic values for biodegradable and sustainable product with full traceability.

“Applying the benefits of Phytoene and JD Jojoba Oil via JD Phyto-Or 1% in daily care routine will create a path for active, natural and sustainable cosmetics that prevent signs of aging and result in glowing appearance,” says Lee Reuveni, CEO, Jojoba Desert.

To learn more about how Jojoba Desert’s JD Phyto-Or 1% can add skin care benefits to your brand, please contact Adva Ambar, Global Marketing and Brand Director, Jojoba Desert, (A.C.S.) Ltd. at adva.ambar@jojobadesert.com.

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