Introducing DermiVeil - a unique ingredient from Oat Cosmetics

Published: 8-Apr-2016

An un-modified starch that is extracted from Scandinavian grown barley using advanced milling technology

A unique new ingredient from Oat Cosmetics launching at In-Cosmetics Paris

Oat Cosmetics, a leading provider of natural and organic cosmetic ingredients to the beauty and personal care market has today launched DermiVeil, a brand new natural ingredient, at in-cosmetics 2016 in Paris.

DermiVeil (INCI Name: Barley (Hordeum vulgare) Starch), is an un-modified starch that is extracted from Scandinavian grown barley using advanced milling technology. A 100% natural, clean label ingredient, testing has shown that DermiVeil acts as a visual and sensorial modifier when added to creams and lotions. In addition, its fine particle size and on skin feel make it an ideal ingredient for compact mattifying powders in colour cosmetics.

This ingredient launch is the first of many planned for 2016 but unusual for Oat Cosmetics as it is not derived from the Oat plant. Cark Maunsell, CEO of Oat Cosmetics and parent company Oat Services, talks about how a Barley derived ingredient made it into the company's ingredient portfolio.

“As a technology company and global ingredients manufacturer, we are always looking for exciting and innovative new ingredients for cosmetics, food and industrial markets. Our close work with Scandinavian scientists and manufacturers, led to the discovery and development of DermiVeil and whilst it is not derived from oats, the ethical production methods, minimal environmental impact and a 100% natural ingredient make it an ideal fit with the Oat Cosmetics portfolio.”

James Daybell, the Marketing Manager responsible for the DermiVeil brand commented:

“This is an exciting time for Oat Cosmetics, I would urge attendees of in-cosmetics to visit our stand and experience this unique new ingredient for themselves. The skin feel and whitening that it brings is a game changer, especially as it is a natural ingredient and we are expecting to have a high demand.”

DermiVeil is available to try on Oat Cosmetics stand, T140, throughout the in-cosmetics show both in its raw form and in a number of formulated products. Further company and ingredient information can be found online at

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