Induchem shortlisted for the 2014 Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards finalists with Redensyl


Eight companies out of 77 have been shortlisted for the awards

Eight companies out of 77 have been shortlisted for the 2014 Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards, which honour the development of a novel active or functional ingredient – featured on the Innovation Zone – that combines innovative science and product features in a way that demonstrates substantial benefits to manufacturers and end-users, when compared to existing ingredients.

The finalists were selected by an expert panel of judges, including:

  • Angela Eppler PhD, senior R&D scientist at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare
  • Dr Jianzhong Yang, PhD, president of Beauty & Health Innovation Co. Ltd
  • John Jiménez, Senior scientist at Belcorp
  • Linda R Marshall, President and Owner of Elysee Scientific Cosmetics

The eight finalists for 2014 are:

Induchem with Redensyl, its new hair growth galvaniser which targets the hair follicles’ stem cells. Redensyl reactivates the proliferation of ORSc stem cells, protects them from apoptosis, maintains differentiation properties and activates the metabolism of the dermal papillary fibroblasts. Watch the Redensyl video teaser:

Ashland Specialty Ingredients with N-DurHance A-­1000 polymer, the first durable solution for hair repair and conditioning.

Gattefossé with Cytobiol Iris A², a synergistic blend of iris, vitamin A and zinc that has been clinically shown to reduce skin imperfections and minimise pores.

Gattefossé with Emulium Mellifera, a new generation of PEG-free emulsifier that auto-adapts to skin type and climate, creating emulsions that are white and luxurious in appearance.

Lipotec with Argirelox peptide which is directed at reducing expression lines by modulating muscle contraction.

Lubrizol with Chromapol 5 Polymer, a new polymer technology that provides five key benefits to deliver rheology an sensory innovation in hair colour applications.

Mibelle Biochemistry with Snow Algae Powder, a novel active, based on an extract of snow algae, to increase skin\'s longevity.

Sederma with Sebuless, a new multifunctional ingredient designed and demonstrated to mattify and equalise the skin tone of oily and acne-­prone skin in just one month.

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The winners will be announced at a free-­to-­attend award ceremony from 18:00-­20:00 on 2 April 2014.

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