INOLEX Provence, IES Labo hosts French regional officials for celebratory event

Published: 27-Jul-2021

Esteeming the company’s resilience in the community and unveiling expansion plans for an enhanced facility

INOLEX Provence, ieS Labo welcomed several French regional officials on Friday, July 23rd as part of a celebration honoring the company’s important contribution to the region’s economy and local heritage. Olivier Khuu, Director of INOLEX Provence, ieS Labo, and Philippe Tischhauser, President of INOLEX Provence, ieS Labo, hosted the afternoon. Esteemed guests in attendance included Provence Region Prefet, Christophe Mirmand and Alpes de Haute Provence District Prefete, Violaine Demaret. Numerous French officials and members of the press were also present.

The ceremony recognized ieS Labo’s business resilience and set the stage to announce the company’s future growth. In total, over 40 people attended the event, which included a tour of the factory and unveiling of plans for an expanded facility. “France is a leading market for personal care and beauty care brands,” said Khuu. “We are fortunate to work in this wonderful region to supply our natural extracts, botanicals, and essential oils to customers around the world.”

Expansion of the INOLEX Provence, ieS Labo facility encompasses new warehouse space and enhanced laboratories. The capital development positions the company to explore further opportunities to integrate the INOLEX line of products of plant-based, natural ingredients with the ieS Labo portfolio.

David Plimpton, CEO and President of INOLEX Group, Inc. said, “We are proud to have a robust presence in France, and proud of our incredible team in Oraison. INOLEX Provence, ieS Labo is an important part of our portfolio of safe, sustainable, and innovative ingredients for health, beauty, and wellness.”

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