How to communicate beauty claims to the public


The beauty industry struggles to meet consumer needs because of the way we communicate, argues Theresa Callaghan. In an article adapted from excerpts from her book 'Help! I’m Covered In Adjectives: Cosmetics Claims & The Consumer', Callaghan discusses the art of communicating claims to the public

How to communicate beauty claims to the public

A well-respected beauty journalist recently told me a story.

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“I sat in the presence of a fair princess with glowing flawless skin, lips as red as a rose and hair that shone like gold. Her beautiful sparkly dress shimmered, like the tiara on her head. Her courtiers wowed and crowed, the light sparkled and the music sounded like the gentle tinkle of rain. I then spoke up and said that indeed the sight was wonderful, but how did her skin become flawless and her lips as red as a rose? With that, the light exploded in a puff of smoke, all around was grey dust and the tinkling music sounded like nails scratching a blackboard.”


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