Gourmand fragrances for candles consumers looking for the extravagant

Published: 1-Dec-2017

Cinnamon, allspice, saffron or coriander – the dried treasures of the Orient have been enchanting people since forever.

At the same time, gourmand fragrances, which also include spicy notes, are one of the most popular directions for scented candles – not just at Christmas time.

With its latest creations, the Leipzig based fragrance supplier Bell Flavors & Fragrances GmbH, not only triggers a tingling sensation for the nose, but also invites to a trip into exotic places.

Consumers in Europe like it sweet and spicy. Candles with cotton candy have reached the mass market at the latest with the unicorn trend. But the category has more to offer.

More than one third of scented candles in Europe that have been analysed by the market research company Mintel in 2016, corresponded to the gourmand category. This also includes spicy notes.

Having a closer look on the actual products, it becomes obvious that consumers are increasingly looking for "experimental" fragrances. Ginger, saffron and pepper are interesting alternatives to give classic fragrances a certain kick.

Joy of the World

“Spices are a great tool to offer consumers new fragrances for their homes and taking them off to distant worlds without even making them leave their couch.

Due to their exotic origin and long history, the precious raw materials and extraordinary fragrance compositions perfectly blend together with the theme of “Wanderlust”.

Also, the joy of experimenting and uniqueness can be associated with spices,” explains Janine Hammer, marketing specialist for household products at Bell.

Historic Heroes for Storytelling

Bell's new candle fragrances take notes of ancient heroes, gods and famous kings. From Constantine's Blessing (clove) to Platon's Treat (coriander) and Henry's Treasure (saffron), each of the new fragrances tells its own story.

Who is aware of the Maya god of creation to whom the people owe allspice or who is familiar with the love of Henry VIII to saffron? The names of Bell’s new fragrances thus form the cornerstone for extensive storytelling in product placement.

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