Fresh perspectives on deodorant and APD formulations


November’s selection of formulations covers deodorants and antiperspirant/deodorants, and touches on a variety of different textures and consumer needs

Cosmetics Business rounds up the latest deodorants and APDs formulations that cater the needs of consumers with a variety of different textures.

Here are four active formulations:

Formulation 1

From Seppic, this formulation is for an oil-in-water emulsion antiperspirant product that is suitable for runners.

Formulation 2

A formulation from Schülke for a deodorant milk pump spray using its active ingredient sensidin DO.

Formulation 3

An unfragranced deodorant stick base from Hallstar containing vegetal-derived propanediol and Spectrasolv DMDA to yield translucent sticks with good clarity.


Start mixing phase A and begin heating to 80°C. Above 70°C, slowly add phase B. When batch is clear, add phase C in order. When homogeneous, commence slow cooling with strong mixing without aeration. Fill product when 5°C above its melt point.

Formulation 4

A silicone-free deodorant cream formulation from Croda's technical library, boasting anti-hair growth properties thanks to the inclusion of Kelisoft from Croda-owned Sederma.

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Weigh and heat phase A to 75°C in bain-marie. Weigh phase B. Weigh and mix phase C. Pour phase C into phase B. Heat phase BC to 75°C in bain-marie. Pour phase A into phase BC with Staro stirring (800 rpm). Add phase D at around 45°C. Homogenise well. Add phase E at around 35°C. Homogenise well.

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