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Having added continually to its offerings, Expac is able to support as many different product ranges as possible

Being a brand owner within the personal care and cosmetics industry is not an easy job. There are numerous decisions that need to be made on a daily basis, so worrying about where to have your product range manufactured should not be something that you need to worry about, or even have to make a decision over! Over the past 24 months Expac has continually added to the company's offerings so that they are able to support as many different product ranges as possible. As a result of this the company now has the capability to manufacture a wide range of products, which is something that has been well received among Expac's current customers.

As an overview Expac has the capability to manufacture the following product types:

Liquid Based Products

With blending vessels ranging from 200 litres through to 5,000 litres Expac is able to offer a flexible service to both large multinational companies through to smaller brands who will require shorter production runs. Expac has both cold and heated mixing vessels which allows the company to make surfactant based products like hand and body washes to lotions and moisturisers, which have raw materials that need blending at an elevated temperature.

Along with the blending facilities Expac also has six different filling lines, the largest being a seven headed filler capable of producing over 50,000 units per day.

Through having the combination of the larger and smaller blending vessels, accompanied by the different sized filling lines Expac is able to offer an efficient manufacturing solution to brands of all sizes.

Powder Based Products

Expac is known within the contract manufacturing industry for its powder filling capabilities, more specifically with talcum powder. With over 20 years' experience Expac produces over 7,500,000 units of talcum powder each year and have grown to become one of Europe's largest talcum powder manufacturers.

The above has also led Expac into different dry powder markets such as bath salts, shimmer powders, hair styling powders and dry shampoos.

Alcohol Based Products

Expac's alcohol manufacturing hall is capable of both blending and filling alcohol based products such as Eau de Toilette. With an inbuilt chilling vessel the production facility has been set up specifically to deal with bespoke fragrance lines that require a more technical production process to ensure that the fragrance produced is of the finest quality.

This facility has a maximum capacity of 15,000 units per day (based on a 100ml fill) and has become one of the most in demand production lines that Expac has.

Gift Packing

Expac also has two dedicated gift packing lines which can be used in conjunction with the other equipment on site, or on its own as a separate offering to Expac's customer base.

By being able to produce the range that Expac can, the company has proven to be popular among its current customers, especially when they no longer have to have products manufactured at various sites across the UK. Expac is able to offer a full service solution to contract manufacturing all under the same roof, taking the complexity out of the manufacturing process for the brand owner.

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