Era Zero Waste adopts ‘milkman model’ for personal care products

By Becky Bargh 21-Aug-2020

The new shopping platform allows consumers to refill their personal care products at home by bike refill or carbon neutral mail

Era Zero Waste adopts ‘milkman model’ for personal care products

New e-commerce platform Era Zero Waste has introduced a refillable shopping platform to help consumers reduce their plastic waste.

Based on the ‘milkman model’, the service allows shoppers to have their personal care products refilled at home, either by a bike refill station or carbon neutral mail.

Consumers can choose from six products, including a hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand moisturiser, body wash and dish soap.

“I wanted to be more sustainable, but making my own personal care products or shopping packaging-free seemed so inconvenient,” said Livia Zimermann, one of Era Zero’s three female co-founders.

“This inspired Era’s mission: to make it easy for everyone to live zero-waste and make an impact.”

The brand has also committed to researching performance-led ingredients for its product line.

The launch is not dissimilar to TerraCycle’s Loop concept, which allows customers to return their empty product packaging to be cleaned and refilled by the brand’s manufacturer.

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After making its debut in the UK earlier this year, Loop has teamed up with beauty brands including Nivea, Ren, Love Beauty and Planet and Bulldog Skincare.