Elemental impact in a modest package: The reflective choice for your next launch


Epopack's soft-contour shape comes in three demure sizes

Explore the water drop design

For brands that crave compelling contradictions....

Consider delivering your next skin care or hair care product in the delightful eye-catching design of our mini water drop bottles.

Water is a symbol of elemental power; life-giving and cleansing. Certainly, more of an impact than a standard tube.

Yet this particular bottle conveys a gentle flow. The soft-contour shape comes in three demure sizes:

15ml / 0.5oz, 30ml / 1oz, or 50ml / 1.75oz

This interplay of style, design, and function is suited to lotions, serums, skin boosters, and oils.

The TA Heavy Wall Bottles also allow for:

  • Dropper, pump, sprayer, or screw-cap attachments
  • Printing, hot stamping, spraying, or injection colour decoration
  • Easy and safe shipping from the shatterproof yet lighter-than-glass construction
  • Luxurious look on the shelf and sturdy feel in the hand.

And, of course, the Epopack standard – the bottle material is fully-recyclable PET plastic.

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To see if the TA Series is the right fit for your brand, or to get a personal consultation to compare all your options, email our project manager Amy Pan: amycb@epopack.com.

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